Bienvenue! (Welcome)- to all new & returning families

Your daycare staff:

A Warm Welcome to Deborah & Rachel our newest staff members!

  • FDK (Area 11)- Caroline BigCanoe (RECE) & Rachel Johnson
  • FDK(Area 21)- Natalya Selezneva (RECE) & Kim Wilson
  • School Age (Area 43)-Mason Mao ( RECE) & Sheri Bridge
  • School Age (Common Area 1)-Deborah McDonald (RECE) & Jordan McNeil
  • School Age (Common Area 2)- Debby Daley (RECE) & Mitchell Taylor
  • School Age (Area 42)- Cheryl Taylor & Grace Vosilla
  • Supervisor- Heather Humphries
  • Assistant Supervisor- Donalee McNeil (RECE)

Special Upcoming Dates:

  • Friday November 18th, 2016 PA Day- Centre open 7:30am-6:00pm
  • Our Annual General Meeting will be held on November 16th,2016 more details to follow
  • Staff will be doing their CPR recertification November 21st,2016

Important Reminders:

  • To ALL full day kindergarten parents…please send extra clothes labelled with your child`s name in their backpack.
  • Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the changing weather.
  • For after school activities (ie baseball, chess, running club etc) please ensure daycare staff of days & time. Also after school forms need to be filled out & handed into daycare staff.
  • To receive updates as they happen at HPCC, click the follow button on our website; howardparkcc.ca
  • Let the daycare know when your child is going to be away or is being picked up by someone other than yourself. Daycare (416)532-3945, Email hpcc@interlog.com



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