H.P.C.C Summer Happenings

Your daycare staff:

Welcome Back DEBBY! from maternity leave.
A BIG welcome to Mason Mao who has joined our school age team!

  • FDK (Area 11)- Caroline BigCanoe, RECE & Kelly Conner, RECE
  • FDK (Area 21)- Natalya Selezneva, RECE & Kim Wilson
  • School Age (Area 43)- Rebekah Pater, RECE (until June) & Sheri Bridge
  • School Age (Common Area 1)- Mason Mao, RECE & Jordan McNeil
  • School Age (Common Area 2)- Debby Daley, RECE & Mitchell Taylor
  • School Age (Area 42)- Cheryl Taylor & Grace Vosilla
  • Supervisor- Heather Humphries
  • Assistant Supervisor- Donalee McNeil, RECE

Special Upcoming Dates:

  • Victoria Day- May 23rd2016- Daycare closed
  • The next Board Meeting is May 25th, 2016
  • P. A Day – June 10th – Daycare Open
  • Last Day of school- June 29th 2016
  • P. A Day June 30th-Daycare Open
  • Canada Day – July 1st– Daycare Closed
  • First day of Summer Camp July 4th , 2016

What’s Been Going ON!

We said Goodbye to Lindsey as she has gone off to teach High School
Some of our older children had the opportunity to participate in Hip Hop, Yoga, and First Aid classes.  They all were a great success and FUN was had by ALL!! The FDK children enjoyed a great day at the Children’s Discovery Zone on the recent P.A Day. What a great place to explore and play!

Important Reminders:

  • Don’t be disappointed, get your Summer Camp Forms in ASAP.
  • Summer Weather is coming – we ask that your child not wear sandals or Crocs.
  • Please wear Hat, sunscreen, and bring a Water Bottle.
  • For safety reasons during drop off & pick up, please make sure your child’s child care teacher is aware that you have your child and you are leaving
  • Let the daycare know when your child is going to be away or is being picked up by someone other than yourself. Daycare (416)532-3945, Email hpcc@interlog.com
  • To receive updates as they happen at HPCC, click the follow button on our website; howardparkcc.ca
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