Before and After Care

pexels-photo-97064Howard Park Children’s Centre  provides before and after care for children in junior and senior kindergarten, and for school-age children in grades 1-6.

A hot-lunch program is also available for an additional fee.

Admissions information


The program provides child care for 65 kindergarten-aged children in a structured setting with staff who are Registered Early Childhood Educators and assistants.

The planned activities and experiences incorporate the physical environment, age appropriate play equipment, learning areas, and social interaction.

All spaces in the program are licensed by the Ministry of Education under the Child Care & Early Years Act.

Grades 1-6

The program provides child care for 120 school-aged children. Families who require child care for students in grades 1-6 should contact the centre. We take applications at any time and will admit children into the program as long as there is space available.

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