Board of Directors

pexels-photo-12703The Howard Park Children’s Centre (HPCC) is managed by a supervisor and an elected board of directors made up of the parents of children enrolled in the centre.

The HPCC by-laws allow for eight board members. Other parents are welcome to attend the meetings and contribute to the discussion as observers. The board meets regularly during the school year (about six times) to provide direction on issues of policy making, budgeting, space, curriculum, links to the school and other aspects of the centre’s operation.

Board members

  • Alison Rowland (President)
  • Julia De Vuono (Vice President)
  • Kim Lauritsen (Treasurer)
  • Shelagh McCartney  (Secretary)
  • Geoff Rupert
  • Evan Hicks
  • Shauna Rempel


  • Amara White
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