Howard Park Children’s Centre (“HPCC”) will only accept applications for students enrolled in Howard Public School. 

HPCC operates with 185 children from the ages of 4 to 12 years (65-JK/SK (FDK) & 120 grades 1-6).  New registrations are handled by HPCC’s Supervisor/Assistant Supervisor. Once capacity has been reached, a wait-list is formed and maintained by HPCC. Spaces are offered based on a combination of factors outlined below.  Availability of spaces cannot be predicted once HPCC is at capacity.

Criteria for Allocation of Spaces

Preference is given to children who were previously enrolled in HPCC and siblings of currently enrolled children.  Spaces are offered based on the date and time a complete application is received by HPCC.

Any guidelines or directives about space allocation provided by regulators supersede this process. In this situation, we will notify all families on the current wait-list what the new process for allocation of spaces will be.

Offers of space will be valid for 2 business days. Once a family has committed to take a space, a firm start date will be arranged. If a family declines the offer but wishes to remain on the wait-list, they will be placed at the bottom of the list.

Junior & Senior Kindergarten (FDK)

HPCC currently operates with 26 spaces for JK children and 26 spaces for SK children. The typical intake for the program is in JK.  Expression of Interest forms for JK and new SK students are available during kindergarten registration with Howard Public School (usually February).  Expression of Interest forms returned as part of the kindergarten registration will be forwarded to HPCC.   You can also click on the following link and email it to 2023 Expression of Interest Form

Families will be emailed the necessary information to complete the FDK daycare application process.  Please note that an Expression of Interest does not guarantee a space and a waitlist may be created.

School Age Program (Grades 1-6)

HPCC currently operates with 120 spaces for school age children.  Applications for school age students are accepted at any time of the year. If no space is available then the child will be on the wait-list and contacted when a space becomes available.

Management of Enrollment 

The Executive Director & Assistant Supervisor of the Centre manages enrollment to all of the Centre’s programs. Enrollment is based on the availability of spaces and on the most effective use of spaces to maintain the stability of the overall operation of the Centre. When making decisions about enrollment from the application pool, the Centre must do its best to maintain a balance across age groups. For example, an equal number of children entering JK and SK will be accepted. With this in mind, in the event there are more applications received than spaces available, preference for enrollment will be given to:

  • Children currently enrolled at the Centre
  • Children previously enrolled at the Centre
  • Siblings of children currently enrolled at the Centre
  • Remaining spaces will be determined through a lottery

Wait-list  Maintenance

HPCC maintains a wait-list that includes: position of applicant on the list; date and time of original application; contact information; age of child; and information regarding any siblings enrolled with the Centre.

In the spring of each year, HPCC reviews the wait-list and verifies that families wish to remain on the wait-list.  It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to ensure that HPCC has the most up to date information regarding their application.  The Centre is not responsible if unable to contact a family using the information provided.  If requested, the wait-list document is available for viewing at the centre office by appointment with the Supervisor or Assistant Supervisor.  The wait-list for viewing contains the numerical order and date of applications; all personal information for other children on the list is confidential and not available for viewing.

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