Our Philosophy

markus-spiske-135763At Howard Park Children’s Centre, we believe in providing an inclusive, enriched childcare environment that honours and respects all children’s beliefs, culture, language, and experiences acquired from their family and community.

We will promote children’s health and well-being.

All our staff see fostering the children’s exploration, play and inquiry as a key goal in the classroom.

We believe capturing and documenting our practice is a form of reinforcement of the learning process for educators, family and children.

Staff will support all children’s ability to self-regulate, so that children feel comfortable and confident with the learning environment.

We will foster the children’s health and well-being indoors and outdoors.

We believe in staff forming trusting relationships with children and their families, providing everyone with a sense of belonging.

We are committed that children learn to:

  • care about other people;
  • understand other’s feelings;
  • cooperate and share;
  • to express their opinions;
  • resolve conflicts;
  • and develop self-competence, self-worth, and self-regulation.
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