Howard Park Children’s Centre (HPCC) is located in Howard Junior Public School.

We employ registered Early Childhood Educators and Ministry-approved staff to provide high quality care in a fun, positive atmosphere for 65 JK/SK and 120 school-aged children. During the summer we also offer a Day Camp Program, open to the community at large on a first-come, first-served basis.

HPCC aims to provide a stimulating program that enables a child to develop emotionally, creatively, socially, physically, and intellectually. A child is entitled to opportunities to satisfy these needs and to develop these abilities in an environment that fosters co-operation and a sense of responsibility and order. The centre attempts to meet the unique needs of each child within the context of the whole group.

The centre recognizes the needs of each child, teacher, and parent. We supplement and complement parental care and values, while seeking to provide a loving learning environment.

All meals we serve are nut-free. We are also able to accommodate children with allergies and dietary restrictions. Our menu changes monthly.

We are managed by a supervisor and an elected board of directors, composed of parents of children enrolled in the centre.

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