REAL FOOD for Home Delivery

Hello Parents,

How are you doing? We were getting a bit stir crazy too, so we got cooking! We want you to know that we’ve found a way to help you keep Real Food on your kids’ plates.

When schools and daycares closed, RFRK quickly switched from hot lunch delivery to packaging delicious ready-made meals for a Real Food for Home Delivery program.

The response has been incredible. Kids are loving the chance to share their favourite RFRK dishes with their parents. Just as important, you’ll discover that our food hits the spot for grown-ups too, and helps your whole family eat well and stay healthy.

Could you try the service and tell us how you like it?

Please click the link above that has already built-in your code TRYUS10 at checkout for a 10% discount. Inventory is limited and this code will expire on Tuesday, April 7th at 11:59pm. Ask a kid to help you pick some favourites. RFRK kids have great taste!

Help Others With Gift Cards

Do you know someone who could use some help? Send them the gift of good food in the super simple form of a Real Food Store Credit. They can use it to order whatever they want, sent straight to their home (with our safe no-contact drop-and-go delivery).

Thanks again for being part of the RFRK community. We hope that Real Food for Home Delivery can help make things a little easier at home for you, and that you enjoy a great meal of course!

Take care,

Lulu, David & The Real Food Team

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