March 14 – April 5 inclusive HPCC will be CLOSED

HPCC Parents,

As you are likely aware, the Ontario Government announced this afternoon that all publicly funded schools will be closed Saturday, March 14th to April 5th. HPCC will not be permitted to operate while schools are closed, including during March Break.
The health and well-being of HPCC children and staff is, as always, our top priority. The following measures and precautions have been put in place to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19 among children and staff, including:
  • Additional sanitizing of toys and frequently touched items
  • Sanitizing tables and chairs nightly
  • Eliminating children serving themselves food at hot lunch
  • Monitoring children washing their hands, especially after washroom breaks, sneezing/coughing, and prior to eating
  • Providing hand sanitizer bottles in classrooms without sink areas
  • Encouraging children to cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or sleeve
  • Encouraging staff and children to stay at home if they feel ill
We will continue with these measures once schools re-open.
The HPCC Board of Directors will be reviewing the impact of the closure on costs/fees as more information becomes available.
We thank you for your patience through this uncertainty. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know.

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