HPCC Winter Happenings



Your daycare staff:

  • FDK (Area 11)- Rebekah Pater & Samantha Wager
  • FDK (Area 21)- Natalya Selezneva & Kim Wilson
  • FDK (Area 22)- Caroline Bigcanoe
  • School Age (Area 43)- Donalee McNeil & Grace Vosilla
  • School Age (Common Area 1)- Paula Acosta & Sheri Bridge
  • School Age (Common Area 2)- Debby Daley & Lindsey Marshall
  • School Age (Area 42)- Cheryl Taylor & Jordan McNeil
  • Supervisor- Heather Humphries

A big THANK YOU: We would like to express our appreciation for the big turnout at our annual Christmas breakfast! We raised just over $1000 with the proceeds going to REDWOOD Shelter. (For necessities such as; towels & other linens)

Dates To Remember:

  • January 23 – P.A DAY
  • February 13 – P.A DAY
  • February 16 – FAMILY DAY (Centre Closed)
  • March 16-20 – MARCH BREAK (More info to follow)
  • Monthly Fees

Important Reminders:

  • Winter is here! Please dress appropriately & according to weather. Children must have snow pants to play in the snow.
  • For safety reasons during drop off & pick up, please make sure your child’s care giver is aware that they are leaving, i.e. a quick wave, or making sure they see you.
  • Please ensure your child has an extra pair of indoor shoes that they can keep at the daycare, (closed toe shoes).
  • Make sure all children’s belongings are labeled for easy identification for child & staff!
  • Let the daycare know when your child is going to be away or is being picked up by someone other than yourself. Daycare (416)532-3945, Email hpcc@interlog.com
  • To receive updates as they happen at HPCC, click the follow button on our website; howardparkcc.ca


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